We comply with the Kesko policies on hospitality and gifts
We may give or accept a personal gift but only of little value. The same applies to business-related hospitality.

Acceptable hospitality or gift is casual and does not give rise to explicit or implicit obligations for either party or create expectations of anything in return. An acceptable gift or hospitality is always given openly. We always comply with guidelines issued by organisations and public authorities on accepting gifts or hospitality.

There are situations in which hospitality or a gift is never acceptable, as in the course of contract negotiations with a supplier or a service provider.

Decisions regarding Kesko Group funds available for donations are made at the Annual General Meeting of Kesko Corporation, and Kesko Corporation's Board of Directors makes any decisions regarding monetary donations within the authorisation of the Annual General Meeting. We do not donate cash to political parties.


A key supplier invites you to go abroad for a long weekend to attend a seminar and to discuss developing the cooperation with them. The supplier promises to cover all your expenses. Will you take part in the seminar?

We do not accept hospitality or a gift of more than minor value from a supplier or some other partner. Kesko always pays its employees’ travel and accommodation costs, even if the travel arrangements are made by a supplier or cooperation partner. If I and my supervisor think that the conference is important for my duties, we will ask the unit manager for permission to my travel. 

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