We comply with insider regulations and the Kesko insider guidelines
We comply with applicable securities market regulations and the Kesko insider guidelines. We avoid any activities in the securities market which might reduce Kesko's shareholder value or general trust in the securities market.

Kesko Corporation is listed on the main list of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. Our employees must behave impeccably in the securities market to not interfere with shareholder value development. Trading practices must also nurture trust in the Finnish securities market.

The use and disclosure of inside information is prohibited. Insider information is specific, undisclosed information directly or indirectly linked to Kesko or its share, which would likely have a significant impact on the share price if disclosed.

Insider information is always confidential, and its abuse is punishable by administrative sanctions, fines or imprisonment. The prohibition to use insider information means, for example, that a person in possession of it may not trade in Kesko shares or advise or incite others to trade in them. Also changing or reversing a previously issued trading order on the basis of insider information is prohibited and potentially punishable.

Insider matters are regulated, among others, by the Market Abuse Regulation, the Finnish Securities Markets Act, the Financial Supervisory Authority guidelines and the Nasdaq Helsinki rules. Kesko's insider guidelines are approved by the Board of Directors of Kesko Corporation, and every Kesko employee and officer is bound by them.


I received a bonus today, and it inspired me to consider buying more Kesko shares. I made a purchase order in my online bank that is valid for the next 24 hours. Just as I logged out from my bank, I received a notification by email from our insider assistant, stating that I had just been added on the new insider list. The project manager also called me and gave me further information. The purchase order I made online has not been fulfilled yet. Can I cancel it?

No. You cannot cancel the trading order. You have received insider information on Kesko and are bound by the trading restriction until the insider information you have received is made public or the insider project in question becomes void. Reversing a trading order on the basis of insider information may be punishable. If you need advice or counsel in insider matters, you can always contact the Kesko legal counsel in charge of insider matters. 

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