We communicate transparently and protect the Kesko brand
We strive in all our operations to build a good corporate image and to further Kesko's success. We communicate openly, directly and with integrity.

We cherish and protect the Kesko brand. We build the brand on the basis of our values, vision and mission.

In marketing communications, we present product, service, price and other details clearly and truthfully, refraining from misleading expressions. We respect the principles of trademark protection and expect our partners to do the same.

Our media relations are handled by appointed individuals. Everyone should know the individuals in charge at their own company or division, and direct media queries to the right source.

Kesko is a listed company, and we are therefore obliged to consider insider regulations and confidential business secrets which we may not disclose. Market releases are guided by the disclosure policy approved by the President and CEO of Kesko.

In social media, we comply with the same principles of confidentiality and accuracy as in other communications and interactions.

We never act in a way that could harm Kesko's reputation or competitive success.


You spot a competition in social media that uses the Kesko logo in its marketing. But Kesko does not in fact sponsor the competition. What do you do?

I notify Kesko legal affairs services of the competition. The legal affairs department will intervene in any unauthorised use of our trademarks and try to reduce the risk of consumers being misled.

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