We avoid conflicts of interest
Decisions at Kesko are always made in the best interest of the employer. We avoid situations in which the employee’s and the employer's interests are at odds.

It is not acceptable to promote one's own interest in performing one’s job or the interest of anyone closely associated with oneself. We treat our friends and relatives as we treat other cooperation partners, and our personal ties to cooperation partners will not affect our decisions. We inform the employer without delay of conditions which could be perceived as a conflict of interest and consider solutions together. We do not take part in activities that hinder fair competition.


You invite companies to bid for a large procurement contract, and one of the bidders is a firm owned by a family friend. You know this family friend is reliable, but a competing bid would cost less to your employer and be better as a whole. Which bid do you choose? 

My employer's interest determines the choice, and I must not allow personal relations to affect the decision. Since I might be partial in making the decision, I ask my supervisor to make it. The choice of supplier is made based on the bids in the best interest of my employer.

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