We are committed to fair competition
We strictly comply with applicable competition law in all our activities. We do not take any part in activities that might restrict or impede effective competition.

We are committed to compliance with applicable competition law in all our activities. Our market operations are based on open and effective competition. Effective competition is beneficial not only to Kesko, but to our partners and customers as well.

At Kesko we are aware of key competition law policies pertaining to our work. For example, we do not agree or discuss prices, customers or other business secrets with Kesko's competitors. We do not participate in activities that are aimed at or potentially lead to restricting or impeding effective and fair competition. We understand that in addition to other serious consequences, competition law violations would harm Kesko's reputation.


You are discussing the merits of a seminar with a competitor's representative on a break at the seminar. After a while of chatting, the person changes the subject and expresses his frustration at narrowing margins of a brand product. He or she suggests that you should both stop selling this popular article under a certain price. What do you do?

I understand that the competitor's representative suggests a price cartel, which restricts competition with very severe effects. I immediately decline the suggestion and leave. I notify my supervisor and Kesko legal counsel of the matter so that they can assess how else we should react to the situation. A price cartel can lead to large penalties and liabilities for damages for both parties. In addition, it could severely harm Kesko's image as a responsible operator.

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