We respect human rights
As a Kesko business partner, I establish procedures and practices that ensure due respect of human rights in all Kesko operations, and I expect the same from our business partners.

As a Kesko business partner, I am committed to respecting internationally recognised human rights in all my operations and promoting them in practice. I do not tolerate human rights violations in any form.

As a Kesko business partner, my business has a particularly substantial effect on the human rights of four groups:

• K-Group customers
• our own personnel
• the communities in which we operate
• our supply chain

I do my share to ensure product safety and that all products and services meet legal requirements.

I treat our employees equally and comply with applicable labour laws. I respect the individual's worth, privacy and freedom of religion and conscience. I do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, threats or insults. I respect the freedom of association and employees' right to organise professionally. I actively ensure safe working conditions.

Kesko requires that its business partners respect all internationally recognised human rights.

I do not tolerate the use of child labour, any form of forced labour nor other human rights violations in our supply chain.


You are a Kesko supplier, and one of you subcontractors invokes the competition and trade secret exemption and will not disclose the details of a factory manufacturing a product. Do you accept this?

No. I insist on getting the details. We need the details to ensure that an appropriate social responsibility assurance has been conducted at the factory.

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