We process customer information and other personal data in confidence
As a Kesko business partner, I comply with best practices in processing and protecting personal data and with local national laws and regulations. Due processing of personal data enables me to maintain customer trust and improve the efficiency of operations.

I plan ahead how personal data are processed. I only collect information which is relevant for the purpose of the data file. I ensure the accuracy of data on file and ensure that their processing does not jeopardise the privacy of individuals on file. I inform the individuals on file of the file's existence and their right to review the data on themselves.

The persons processing confidential data may not disclose personal data they have accessed without lawful justification. Public authorities may have a legal right of access.


In the spirit of open data, a foreign supplier enquires about the possibility to obtain a list of the online store customers who have purchased one of their products. They would like to analyse what kind of consumers are interested in the product. Can personal information be disclosed? 

No. Personal information is not public. The personal information of the customer shall only be used for the purposes described to the customer when collecting the data. These can be, for example, delivering the goods to the customer or marketing of the online store.

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