We minimise our environmental impacts
Working in an environmentally sustainable way is a shared responsibility of Kesko and its business partners. In our operations, we strive to promote the mitigation of climate change and sustainable use of natural resources.

The management of environmental impacts is part of our daily work in Kesko. The mitigation of climate change is a key theme of Kesko's sustainability work. Kesko reduces emissions through energy efficient solutions and by adopting renewable and low-carbon energy sources.

In collaboration with partners, Kesko wishes to promote sustainable production and consumption. We develop circular economy in cooperation with supply chains, logistics and consumer services. Product and package design and recycling are key in achieving increased recovery and reuse of materials. We continuously cooperate with the food supply chain, logistics, K retail stores and consumer communications to reduce and utilise food waste.

As a Kesko business partner, I am committed to minimise the negative environmental impacts of all my activities. I constantly strive to find ways to further reduce our environmental impacts together.


You are a supplier and you thought to offer one of your products for inclusion in Kesko's own product series. What environmental aspects should be taken into account in the product?

It is important to Kesko that the environmental impacts of products be taken into account already when planning the products. Avoid unnecessary product packaging and favour recyclable materials in both the products and their packages. Kesko also wants to help its customers reduce their environmental impacts. With good communication and clear packaging information, we make it easier for our customers to make responsible choices at the store.

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