We do not offer or accept bribes
Kesko and its business partners do not tolerate bribery in any form. As a Kesko business partner, I will not promise or pay bribes and illegal payments to the authorities or other parties, and I will not incite or advise anyone to offer or accept them.

Kesko has zero tolerance towards all forms of bribery. This also applies to the operations of Kesko's business partners.

As a Kesko business partner, I do not promise or pay bribes and illegal payments to authorities or anyone else to secure the Company's business or its development. I am committed to not advising, inciting or enticing anyone to accept or offer bribes through third parties or directly.


You are a Kesko business partner in a construction project pertaining to the zoning of a plot for a Kesko store site. On behalf of Kesko, you contact the public official in charge of zoning. He or she asks your employer to buy an advertising slot in a publication by his or her child's football team. What do you do?

I decline the request, as a working relationship does not justify sponsorship. All sponsorship deals must be geared towards clear business aims. Besides, buying the slot might give rise to a suspicion of bribing a public official.

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