We comply with the law
As a Kesko business partner, I consistently comply with the law in all my activities. Kesko expects the same from all of its business partners.

As a Kesko business partner, I do not condone any breach of law, and I will never incite or advise anyone to violate applicable laws and regulations. Of particular significance are laws concerning the status of employees, equality, privacy, prevention of bribery and corruption, competition and consumer protection, occupational safety, environmental protection and product safety.

As a listed company, Kesko is also bound by securities market regulations as well as regulations and guidelines for good corporate governance.

As a Kesko business partner, I will not prompt any other party to do anything I would not do myself in view of the law, policies, principles or my commitments to Kesko. I will actively monitor and anticipate societal changes and amendments to legislation.


You are a Kesko supplier and you hear that the new legislation requires changes to package information. As a result, you can no longer deliver the products ordered by Kesko with your product information. Making the product information compliant with the law could delay delivery. What do you do?

I immediately get in touch with my contact person at Kesko to establish the course of action and the best way to make package information compliant with the law.

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