We comply with the Kesko brand protection guidelines
As a Kesko business partner, I always ensure that my actions do not endanger Kesko's corporate image, brand value or reputation.

Kesko cherishes and protects the K brand. Kesko builds the brand on the basis of its value, vision and mission. Kesko expects its business partners to operate in a way that does not endanger Kesko's brand value.

As a Kesko business partner, I never act in a way that could harm Kesko's reputation or competitiveness. In social media, I comply with the same principles of confidentiality and accuracy as in other communications and interactions.


You have just received a large order from Kesko, and you would like to publicise your cooperation with Kesko by putting the K logo on your website. What do you do?

I understand that the use of the K logo requires Kesko's consent. I get in touch with your contact person at Kesko to get permission, and I do not put the K logo on our website without receiving prior authorisation.

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