Stock exchange communications - Disclosure based on Kesko's disclosure obligation

In its stock exchange communications, Kesko acts in compliance with the legislation in force at any given time, the guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd and instructions from the authorities.

In addition, Kesko Group has adopted a separate disclosure policy. The policy describes the main principles and practices of stock exchange communications according to which the Company communicates with its key stakeholders. The purpose of the disclosure policy is to promote the reliability and consistency of the disclosure methods used by Kesko and to describe the decision-making procedures involved in disclosure.    

In its investor communications, Kesko follows the principle of equality. Kesko’s objective is to produce accurate and up-to-date information for the markets as a basis for the price formation of Kesko Corporation’s shares, so that all market operators are treated equally and that the same information is available to all market operators at the same time.

Kesko publishes all investor information in Finnish and English on the Company’s website at

The financial reports, stock exchange releases and stock exchange notifications published by Kesko are available on the Company’s website for at least five (5) years after their publication. However, the financial statements, the Report by the Board of Directors, the Auditor’s Report, the half year report and interim reports, as well as the Corporate Governance Statement are available on the Company’s website for at least ten (10) years.

The stock exchange releases and notifications published by the company since 1997 are presented in section"Releases".

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