Remuneration and other financial benefits of the members of the Board and its Committees

The Annual General Meeting held on 4 April 2016 resolved to leave the Kesko Board members' fees unchanged as follows:

Annual fees:

  • Chair of the Board €80,000,
  • Deputy Chair of the Board €50,000 and
  • member of the Board €37,000.

In addition, a meeting fee of €500 per meeting is paid for a Board meeting and its Committee's meeting, with the exception that the Chair of a Committee who is not the Chair or the Deputy Chair of the Board is paid €1,000 per Committee meeting.

Daily allowances are paid and travel expenses are reimbursed to the Board and Committee members in accordance with the general travel rules of Kesko.

The Board members do not have share compensation or share-based compensation schemes. Nor do they participate in the other remuneration schemes or pension plans of the Company.

Annual and meeting fees resolved by the Annual General Meeting in 2009-2016 (€)

Annual fee         2009–2016
Chair of the Board
Deputy Chair of the Board
Member of the Board         37,000
Meeting fees         2009–2016
Fee for a Board meeting         500
Fee for a Committee meeting         500
Committee Chair’s fee for a Committee meeting, if he/she is not also the Chair or Deputy Chair of the Board

Further information

As a result of the Market Abuse Regulation ((EU) N:o 596/2014, ”MAR”) that entered into force on 3 July 2016, the information on the Shareholdings of public insiders pages is not updated after 3 July 2016 and will be removed from the link referred to above on 2 July 2017. 

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