IR principles

In line with its investor relations strategy, Kesko produces accurate and up-to-date information for the financial markets on its strategy, operations and financial position. The objective is to increase awareness of Kesko's operations and the transparency of investor information to ensure that investors can obtain as accurate an image as possible of Kesko as an investment.

Kesko publishes an Annual Report, a financial statements release, a half year report, and two interim reports each year. In addition, the Group's sales figures are published monthly in a press release and K Group's retail sales figures are published in connection with the interim reports. This and other investor information is available equally and simultaneously to all market operators in Finnish and in English on Kesko’s website.

Kesko's stock exchange and press releases, sent by e-mail, can be ordered from the "Media" section and printed copies of the financial statements at

Events and silent period
Kesko holds press conferences for analysts and the media in connection with the publishing of financial results or significant news. Corporate presentations and themed briefing events are organised for investors, analysts and other capital markets operators as necessary.

Kesko’s management regularly meets with investors and analysts. Inquiries are answered by phone, email and at meetings.

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