IR principles

In line with its investor relations strategy, Kesko continually produces accurate and up-to-date information for the markets as a basis for the price formation of Kesko Corporation shares, so that all market operators are treated equally and that the same information is available to all market operators at the same time. The aim is to increase the awareness of Kesko's operations and the transparency of investor information, and thereby Kesko’s attractiveness as an investment.

In its investor communications, Kesko follows the principle of equality and publishes all investor information on this website in Finnish and English.

Kesko publishes an Annual Report in Finnish and English. The financial statements release, the half year financial report and the two interim financial reports can be read on this website. Kesko's stock exchange and press releases, sent by e-mail, can be ordered from the "Media" section and printed copies of the financial statements at

Press conferences and period of silence
Kesko holds press conferences for analysts and the media in connection with publishing financial results or other significant news, and holds Capital Market Days for analysts and institutional investors on various themes once a year.

As of the beginning of 2016, Kesko observes a 30-day period of silence before publishing its financial reports. Prior to 2016, Kesko observed a silent period of at least three weeks. At other times, enquiries from analysts and investors are answered by phone or e-mail, or in meetings.

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