Stakeholder interaction and lobbying

We listen to our stakeholders actively.

The assessment of Kesko’s operations and corporate responsibility performance takes account of the key stakeholders:

  • Customers
  • Investors and Kesko's owners
  • Kesko personnel
  • Retailers and employees
  • Suppliers and service providers
  • The media
  • Authorities
  • NGOs and other organisations
  • Trade unions

The materiality assessment of Kesko's responsibility guides Kesko's corporate responsibility and stakeholder work. Operations in all areas of responsibility are developed in accordance with the expectations of the key stakeholder groups.

The stakeholder assessment is included in Kesko’s management system and operating plans. Kesko's corporate responsibility vision is based on taking stakeholders’ views into account.

Public policy

Kesko proactively follows all changes in society in close cooperation with its stakeholders. We cooperate and discuss openly with NGOs, authorities and other decision makers.

In election years, political parties and candidates are given equal opportunities to arrange campaign events in K-Group stores’ yards and entrance halls. In addition, Kesko may participate in economic and tax policy seminars arranged by political parties, at its discretion and without indicating partiality. Kesko does not make monetary donations to political parties. In 2014, the seminar attendance fees and commercial advertising in party newspapers paid by Kesko totalled approximately €5,000.

Read more about stakeholder interaction in Kesko's Annual Report.

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