SpeakUp reporting channel

1. What is SpeakUp?

SpeakUp is a confidential reporting channel that is intended for reporting suspected criminal offences or misconduct when for some reason the information cannot be delivered directly to the persons in charge at Kesko. SpeakUp can also be used for suspected violations of securities markets regulations. The service is not intended for customer feedback, and no customer feedback will be processed. Customer feedback can be given through the customer feedback link on this web page. Reporting criminal offences and misconduct in bad faith is forbidden and may have legal consequences.

Any messages submitted through the SpeakUp channel will be forwarded to Kesko’s Group General Counsel, Chief Audit Executive, Vice President for risk management, and Senior Corporate Counsel.

The SpeakUp service is maintained by People InTouch, an independent Dutch company. The personnel of People InTouch will process any messages submitted through the service. The company, established in 2004, is located in Amsterdam. In addition to Kesko, the patented SpeakUp® reporting system is used in numerous well-known companies.

2. How to submit a message?

You can submit a message either by phone or on the web service. Whichever system you choose, it is advised to write down your message beforehand so that the message will be as clear as possible.

To use the phone, dial the following phone number: 0800113031
To use the web service, go to: www.speakupfeedback.eu/web/heye3r/fi  
You will be asked to enter the following access code: 17270

You will receive a six-digit case number. It is very important that you write it down. This case number will enable you to come back later and read or listen to the response from Kesko.

If you use the phone, you can leave your message after the beep. Make sure to articulate your message as clearly as possible. When you are finished, hang up.

If you use the web service, you can type in or simply copy/paste your message. When you are finished, press the ‘send message’ button; a screen with the case number and your message will appear, and you can print it out. You can also attach any relevant documents to your message.

Within a week, a response from Kesko will be ready for you. If you used the phone to leave your message, the response will be also be given on the phone service. If you used the web service, you will get the response in the web service.

To listen to the response on the phone, press 1 and enter your case number. On the web page, press the “if you already have a case number” button to read the message.

After you have heard the response on the phone, you can immediately post a follow-up message. If you need some time to think, you can hang up and call back another time. You can do the same on the web page. You can either submit a follow-up message immediately or logout and come back later.

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