Biographical information on Kesko Corporation's Board member candidates

Jannica Fagerholm, b. 1961, Master of Science in Economics.
Independence: She is considered by the Company to be independent of the Company and of its significant shareholders.

Domicile: Helsinki, Finland.
Principal occupation: Managing Director.
Main employment history: Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation: Managing Director 2010-, SEB Gyllenberg Private Bank: Managing Director 1999-2010, Handelsbanken Liv Finland: Country Director 1998-1999.
Main positions of trust: Sampo plc: member of the Board 2013-, Teleste Corporation: member of the Board 2013-, Eira Hospital Ltd: member of the Board 2010-, Hanken School of Economics: member of the Board 2008-, Aktia Abp: member of the Board 2012-2013, Partiosäätiö foundation: member of the Board 1997-2013. 
Kesko shares held:
As at 18 February 2016:

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Matti Naumanen, b. 1957, trade technician.
Independence: He is considered by the Company not to be independent of the Company (entity controlled by him has a chain agreement with a Kesko Group company) and of significant shareholders (member of the Board of a significant Company shareholder, the K-Retailers’ Association).

Domicile: Joensuu, Finland.
Principal occupation: Retailer.
Main employment history: K-retailer since 1982.
Main positions of trust: The K-Retailers’ Association’s Agricultural and Building and Home Improvement Retailers’ Club: Chair of the Board 2009-, the K-Retailers’ Association: member of the Board 2009-.
Former positions of trust: registered association Nurmeksen Yrittäjät: Chair of the Board, registered association Joensuun Yrittäjät: Chair of the Board.
Kesko shares held:
As at 18 February: a total of 20,064 A shares held by him and entities controlled by him.

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