Cash from store checkouts

K-food stores across Finland offer cash withdrawal service. You can withdraw a maximum of €200 in connection with card payments.

The "Osta&Nosta" logo indicates that the cash withdrawal service is available 

You can tell a K-food store where cash withdrawal is available from the blue "Osta&Nosta" logo.

You need to buy something to withdraw cash, but there is no lower limit to the purchase in terms of euros. You can withdraw a maximum of €200 euros per purchase, but there is no lower limit. The service is safe to use, and you always confirm the withdrawal with your PIN.

There is a service fee of 50 cents per withdrawal.

K-Plussa customers of Aktia, Danske Bank, Nordea and Osuuspankki will receive 100 additional K-Plussa points as a compensation for the fee by showing their K-Plussa card. The value of the benefit corresponds to the service fee of 50 cents.

Please note that banks may have their own fees for cash withdrawal services. Contact your bank to find out about the terms of your card.


To withdraw cash at a store checkout

1. Before you pay for your purchase, tell the cashier the sum you want to withdraw from your bank account.

2. Confirm the purchase and the sum to withdraw by entering your card's PIN.

3. The cashier will give you the money and a receipt with the purchase and the withdrawal itemised.

The cashier will not see any information about your bank account or card, and you cannot deposit money nor use any other banking services in K-food stores.


Click on the "Osta&Nosta" logo (image below) and check the PDF listing for the nearest store offering cash withdrawal service.


You can withdraw cash at K-food stores with the blue "Osta&Nosta" logo.


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