Wellbeing for customers

Kesko and K-stores want to make customers' lives easier, providing them with services that promote health and wellbeing and guide them on the proper use of products. With the help of the retail stores' new K-responsibility concept, we tell customers about our good actions and help them make sustainable choices easily.

Promoting healthy living and eating habits and physical exercise are key focuses for the K-Group's food and sports stores.

K-food specialists, experts in nutrition and special diets, have been trained for K-food stores. The nutritional contents of all of the approximately 6,000 recipes available on the K-ruoka.fi recipe service have been calculated to help customers in their choices.

At least twice a year, every Intersport store in Finland organises a physical activity event, the aim of which is to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage customers to be physically active.

Let’s do good together

We want to make Kesko's and K-stores' responsible operations more visible to customers and tell them about our responsible operations with the help of the K-responsibility concept.

All K-food stores have adopted the K-responsibility concept. The K-responsibility concept has also been adopted by K-rauta and Rautia stores, and they are audited according to the K-responsibility store criteria. The concept was adopted by K-maatalous stores in autumn 2015 and the audits will start in autumn 2016.

Read more in Kesko's Annual Report.

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