Donations by the Board of Directors

Kesko Group's donations for the public good can only include funds reserved for that purpose by the Annual General Meeting and on the use of which the Board of Directors has made a decision.

Kesko Corporation's Board of Directors annually makes a proposal to the Annual General Meeting on the use of distributable earnings. At the discretion of the Board of Directors, the proposal has also included a provision/authorisation to the Board of Directors on the use of the donated amount put forward in the proposal for profit distribution.

We currently support for example schoolchildren’s Me & MyCity learning concept and Christmas charity collections.

Me & MyCity

Me & MyCity is a learning concept covering society, economy, working life and entrepreneurship aimed at comprehensive school sixth- and ninth-graders. Me & MyCity is a Global Best Awards winner operating in eight different regions in Finland and it reaches annually over 45,000 schoolchildren.

Christmas Kettle collection

Kesko and K-stores are the national partner of the Salvation Army's Christmas Kettle collection. The Salvation Army distributes Kesko's vouchers for recipients, who can use them to buy products at K-Group stores.

Good Christmas Spirit

Kesko participates in the Good Christmas Spirit collection organised annually by the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and the Finnish Red Cross to help poor families with children in difficult circumstances in Finland. K-food store vouchers distributed to such families before Christmas add to their Christmas spirit.

Further information about the Good Christmas Spirit collection (in Finnish)

WWF Finland

K Group (Kesko and K-stores) and the wildlife conservation organization WWF Finland will begin several years of wide ranging cooperation to conserve and increase endangered migratory fish populations. The cooperation will be recognised by the “Mating Belongs to all” ("Kuteminen kuuluu kaikille") slogan.

Further information about the cooperation between K Group and WWF Finland

Plan International Finland

Kesko and child rights organization Plan International Finland are cooperating to improve the responsibility of the fishing industry and the situation of migrant workers in Thailand. We have agreed on cooperation for the years 2015–2018. As a part of the project already 100 children from migrant families have been able to start school. Further information about the cooperation between Kesko and Plan .

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