SDG 5 Gender Equality

The UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 is ‘Gender Equality’. The aim is to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. Read below about Kesko’s actions in contributing to the goal.


  • The Fairtrade premium on Pirkka Fairtrade flowers provides the women working on a Kenyan flower farm an opportunity to improve their standard of living and educate their children. A school and a nursery have been renovated with Fairtrade premiums. In 2017, the products generating the largest Fairtrade premiums were Fairtrade flowers (€271,672), coffee (€224,537) and fruit (€142,975). According to Faitrade statistics, the Fairtrade coffees sold by Kesko grocery trade in 2017 employed approximately 800 small-scale coffee farmers on Fairtrade's terms.


  • Gender equality is part of Kesko’s HR policy and the K Code of Conduct operating principles.
  • In Finland, employees on permanent, fixed-term and part-time contracts are offered, for example, occupational health care, insurance against occupational injuries and occupational diseases, parental leave and retirement benefits.
  • Equality, justice and non-discrimination are important principles which are observed at Kesko throughout the employment relationship. The most suitable person with the most development potential is selected for the job, and applicants are judged according to their competence, skills and accomplishments.
  • Personnel figures: Kesko’s Annual Report
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