SDG 12 Responsible consumption and production

The UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 is ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’. The aim is to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. Read below about Kesko’s actions in contributing to the goal.


• Sustainable product selections and related communications to customers: Fairtrade, UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, organic, Swan label, local products and vegan products.
• Sourcing policies for raw materials critical from the point of view of social or environmental responsibility: soy, palm oil, timber and paper as well as fish and shellfish.


• Kesko participates in many efforts to promote local origin and domestic food production: the Thank the Producer operating model, Local Food Dates and the K-Supermarkets’ ”Locally for You” campaign.
• Comprehensive eco take-back point network for K-stores’ customers.
Reduction of food waste: actions at store and customer communications aimed to cut down on household food waste. 
• Active survey of circular economy solutions and opportunities
Innovative cooperation with Gasum: biogas produced from stores’ organic waste is used as energy in the manufacture of new Pirkka products.

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