Working community

The foundation of our operations is our professional and committed personnel. We provide them with diverse career and development opportunities in various positions.



Progress in 2019

Plans for 2020

Employer image

We are the best employer in the trading sector in terms of job satisfaction. Ranking 30th, K Group improved its position in the Universum Ideal Employer Ranking student survey. K Group was up by 17 positions and received an award for being the best climber. We expanded our national cooperation network in Finland and launched a new educational institute ambassador model. We will continue our systematic work to improve employer image both with our external and internal key stakeholders. We will continue to strengthen our cooperation with selected educational institutions.

Occupational wellbeing and working capacity

We will improve work motivation and job satisfaction. In Finland, we launched the K Well operating model which emphasises the employees’ own opportunities to impact their wellbeing and combines the operating models supporting wellbeing and employer services into a comprehensive package. We will expand the K Well operating model to business operations and integrate it into manager training, for example. We will place special emphasis on supporting mental wellbeing and services.
We will reduce the number of sick leave absences, accidents at work and numbers for premature retirement due to disability. We developed a new working capacity management system, updated our working capacity management processes and launched communications of the roll-out of changes as well as manager training. We evaluated the personnel’s psychosocial load using common indicators as part of our personnel survey. In Finland, we will launch a new working capacity management system and new processes. The follow-up of risk of incapacity for work caused by an occupational accident will be implemented in the same process. Norway has its own management system for occupational safety.

Competence development

We conduct an annual performance and development review with every employee. Performance and development reviews are a systematic part of our performance management model. Approximately 85% of our employees have discussed their objectives and development with their manager. We will continue to give guidance and training on performance and development reviews to our managers and personnel.
We will regularly train our managers. In Finland, we arranged training for all managers on our new leadership fundamentals: 1,218 persons took part in the training. Based on selected focus areas, we will continue to systematically develop managerial work.

Performance management

We know the targets set for our work and receive feedback on our performance. According to the 2019 personnel survey, 93% of our personnel understood how their individual work effort contributed to achieving the common goals of their own unit. Approximately 60% of the personnel received regular feedback from their manager for their work performance. We will promote the managers’ ability to give feedback by focusing on it as part of performance management and manager training. We will develop performance bonus models further to better serve our business operations.
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