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The foundation of our operations is our professional and committed personnel. We provide them with diverse career and development opportunities in various positions.



Progress in 2018

Plans for 2019

Employer image

We are the best employer in the trading sector in terms of job satisfaction. Ranking 18th, K Group improved its position in the Universum Ideal Employer Ranking survey (up by 7 positions). More than 6,000 people responded to the Pulse survey for personnel; development was seen in the primary development areas: provision of feedback, development opportunities at K Group and employer image. We will continue to promote the agreed measures and monitor the progress of the results with a more extensive personnel survey at the end of 2019.

Occupational wellbeing and working capacity

We will improve work motivation and job satisfaction. Kesko initiated an extensive K Work programme, which means a new, unified way to work within K Group. In the first stage of the programme, the new ways to work will be communicated to approximately 2,500 K Group employees in specialist positions. In 2019, principles which concern those doing specialist work in K Group, will be taken into use step by step irrespective of the location. These practices concern, for example, work done in multiple locations, working time monitoring and knowledge work tools.
We will reduce the number of sick leave absences, accidents at work and numbers for premature retirement due to disability. We developed processes to serve as a basis for the forthcoming technical OHS solution, the purpose of which is to anticipate risks related to working capacity and to develop working capacity management. In Finland, we initiated the evaluation of systematic, psycho-social load. K Group will introduce an OHS solution and new processes compliant with it.
Kesko’s occupational health care offered the employees interested in their health and wellbeing new coaching related to nourishment, mental health and physical condition in which artificial intelligence is utilised to some extent. A total of 224 persons participated in this coaching. We will continue with the services that worked best in the trials in 2018 and pilot as new solutions those which prove functional in our new K-Kampus main office building.

Competence development

We conduct an annual performance and development review with every employee. Discussing the objectives and development were continued as a systematic part of the performance management model. Approximately 80% of our employees have discussed their objectives and development with their manager. We will systematically continue to implement these discussions and guidance.
We will regularly train our managers. A total of approximately 830 managers took part in manager training All managers in the K Group go through a common half-day manager training. The training discusses the principles of K Way.

Performance management

We know the targets set for our work and receive feedback on our performance. According to the latest personnel survey, 74% of our personnel receive feedback on their performance in attaining their own targets. Target-based bonus schemes cover practically the entire personnel. We will continue the systematic deployment of performance management and will revise the bonus schemes.
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