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The foundation of our operations is our professional and committed personnel. We provide them with diverse career and development opportunities in various positions.



Progress in 2020


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We are the best employer in the trading sector in terms of job satisfaction. Ranking 12th, K Group improved its position in the Universum Ideal Employer Ranking survey. K Group was up by 10 positions and received an award for being one of the best climbers. Ranking 28th in the Universum student survey, we were up by 2 positions. In addition, K Group managed to improve its reputation by 0.21 units in T-Media’s Reputation&Trust survey, ending up with the score of 3.80, thus rising to 8th place in the TOP10 list. K Group also climbed 21 positions, reaching 14th place, in the Academic Work Young Professionals Attraction Index survey.  

Occupational wellbeing and work capacity

We will improve work motivation and job satisfaction. Self-management compliant with the K Well model has been emphasised during the Covid-19 pandemic. We made wellbeing issues a more integral part of other coaching and manager training. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we also dealt with health and security matters as part of strategic info sessions in different business areas. We launched several services to support, in particular, mental wellbeing for the personnel’s use. These also offered excellent support during the exceptional circumstances caused by the coronavirus.  
We will reduce the number of sick leave absences, accidents at work and numbers for premature retirement due to disability. We rolled out a work ability management system for use by managers, HR and occupational health care to manage the challenges of sickness absences and working capacity, and we updated processes and training for work ability management. We built a reporting system to support management with information, which includes the key indicators in business areas for wellbeing management.The monitoring of sickness absences caused by occupational accidents is also included in the work ability management system. We report all serious occupational accidents and their costs to the management. In 2020, we improved the use of various systems in occupational safety management. The labour protection personnel played an active role in the prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic and in updating the risk assessment.  

Competence development


We conduct an annual performance and development review with every employee. Performance and development reviews are a systematic part of our performance management model. Approximately 84% (85%) of our employees have discussed their objectives and development with their manager.  
We regularly train our managers. Due to the exceptional Covid-19 situation, in Finland most of the training targeted to managers was held virtually. We complemented the offering by adding training on virtual interaction and support for leadership in the midst of uncertainty.  

Performance management

We know the targets set for our work and receive feedback on our performance. According to the previous personnel survey conducted in 2019, 93% of our personnel understood how their individual work effort contributed to achieving the common goals of their own unit. Approximately 60% of personnel received regular feedback from their manager on their work performance.  

Human rights and equality


We respect human rights and take them into account in all our operations. As part of the preparations for the Group’s diversity and inclusion programme, we carried out stakeholder surveys on our personnel and customers.  
We promote the implementation of gender equality in our own operations and supply chains. At the end of 2020, women accounted for two out of the seven members of the Board of Directors, and two out of the eight members of the Group Management Board. To reduce the impact of language on gendered working life, we prepared a change in HR to stop using gendered job titles and terms.  

K Code of Conduct


All of our personnel act in compliance with the K Code of Conduct. The entire personnel is obligated to annually commit to compliance with the K Code of Conduct. In 2020, 86% of the personnel signed the annual confirmation.  
We organise regular training on the K Code of Conduct. In 2020, we held 25 training events in which the various areas of the K Code of Conduct were discussed. We arranged K Code of Conduct sessions for the key persons at Kesko in Sweden, focusing especially on corruption and fraudrelated issues.  
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