Our mission is to create welfare responsibly for all our stakeholders and for all society.

Donations, sponsoring and charity

We focus primarily on sponsoring nationwide projects in Finland that are connected to the everyday lives of children and young people, promote the quality of living and sustainability, and bring joy to as many people as possible. Together with our customers we raised a recordbreaking sum for the Pink Ribbon campaign: over €770,000 for cancer research in Finland. The Finnish Basketball Association and K Group’s grocery trade have agreed to continue their cooperation for several years. This cooperation focuses on organising physical activities for primary school children, such as the Pikkusudet (Little Wolves) basketball events and the Pirkka Street Basket tour. Our new pilot will focus on increasing physical activity among secondary school pupils through basketball.
We were involved in Yrityskylä (Me & My City) activities targeted at 6th grade elementary school pupils in five localities in which the aim is to develop young people’s working life skills and increase their knowledge on entrepreneurship and the trading sector.  

Local production

We support local producers. The number of Thank the Producer products was 64 in 2019. The Thank the Producer products sold in 2019 accumulated more than €1.57 million in additional money paid directly to food producers in Finland. We aim to double the number of Thank the Producer products in 2020.
In 2019, we organised five Local Food Date events, where a total of 150 different producers and a total of 380 representatives of K-retailers built partnerships. We will continue to organise Local Food Date events in 2020.

Human rights and equality


We respect human rights and consider them in all of our operations. We reviewed our human rights commitment and assessment.  
We organised training for members of the Employee Equality and Diversity Group on diversity and inclusion. As part of the Group’s personnel sustainability work we are developing a personnel diversity and inclusion programme by organising, for example, stakeholder hearings.
We promote the implementation of gender equality in our own operations and supply chains. Together with the Center for Child Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility (CCR CSR), we opened a children’s summer day care facility at a factory in China that supplies site lighting to Onninen and K-Rauta stores.  
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