Our mission is to create welfare responsibly for all our stakeholders and for all society.

Donations, sponsoring and charity

We focus primarily on sponsoring nationwide projects in Finland that are connected to the everyday lives of children and young people, promote the quality of living and sustainability, and bring joy to as many people as possible. K-food stores collected a record €586,000 in the Finnish Cancer Foundation’s 2018 Pink Ribbon (Roosa nauha) campaign.  
Some 280 volunteers and 18 K-retailers took part in the events of the second year of WWF Finland and K Group’s K Fishpaths collaboration.
Plan International Finland and K Group’s project in Thailand came to an end: 1,143 children of migrant workers were educated in learning centres and 34 suppliers trained in social responsibility issues.

Local production

We support local producers. To help farmers struggling with the exceptionally dry weather in summer 2018, we focused heavily on our 'Thank the Producer' operating model. Branded products by five Finnish food companies joined the model at the end of the year. We will pay an additional sum of €650,000 directly to the food producers for 2018. 
We organised 7 Local Food Dates around Finland, giving over 400 K-retailers and 170 local food producers a chance to meet and establish a collaboration.
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