Good corporate governance and finance

Responsible business and good corporate governance are crucial for achieving good and sustainable financial results.



Progress in 2020

Plan for 2021

Return on capital

Return on capital employed 12.5%

Return on capital employed at 31 Dec 2020 was 12.0%.Thanks to the successful execution of our growth strategy, we achieved our previous financial targets at the end of September 2020, ahead of schedule. The Board of Directors of Kesko approved the new financial targets on 1 December 2020.

We are progressing solidly towards our new financial targets and a better return on capital employed and return on equity through growth, improved profitability, synergies and more efficient allocation of working capital. Along with growth, we continue to improve cost-efficiency in all our operations to ensure competitiveness.

K Code of Conduct

All of our personnel act in compliance with the K Code of Conduct.  The entire personnel is obligated to annually commit to compliance with the K Code of Conduct. In 2020, 86% of the personnel signed the annual confirmation. We will continue to make the annual confirmation process more systematic and promote commitment to the K Code of Conduct through managerial work, training and continuous visibility
We organise regular training on the K Code of Conduct. In 2020, we held 25 training events in which the various areas of the K Code of Conduct were discussed. We arranged K Code of Conduct sessions for the key persons at Kesko in Sweden, focusing especially on corruption and fraudrelated issues. We will strengthen our compliance and ethics functions and continue to systematically promote awareness of the K Code of Conduct through various actions. Our goal is to create a refresher course for the K Code of Conduct eLearning course, which will focus on selected themes. An active network of K Code of Conduct ambassadors support communications and implementation.
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