Our value, The customer and quality – in everything we do, places customers at the centre of our operations.



Progress in 2018

Dialogue with customers

We constantly engage in a dialogue with customers in stores and social medial channels. We conduct surveys on customer satisfaction and brand and utilise customer views in the development of our responsibility work. To map out customer expectations for K Group’s sustainability and the most important areas of sustainability for our customers, we conducted a survey in the Kylä customer community

Consultation services to customers

We offer our customers multichannel information on our products and services. K-Rauta’s free-of-charge renovation service Remonttineuvonta expanded and now also answers questions related to yards and gardens. 
K Consumer Service responds to consumer feedback concerning the own brand products (Pirkka, K-Menu, Euro Shopper) and own imports of the grocery trade division. In 2018, K Consumer Service responded to 24,337 contacts made.


We offer products and services that promote health and wellbeing. In line with our vegetable commitment, we encourage our customers to eat more vegetables. In 2018, some 400 K-food stores had dedicated veggie shelves. We organised 270 vegetable campaigns, which covered more than 1,200 vegetable products. We introduced 42 fruit and vegetable products into our selections during 2018.
Intersport offered training on different sports and activated customers in stores by offering tips from experts and product testing as well as training programmes for different skill levels.

Sustainable consumption

We help our customers make sustainable choices. To help our customers reduce their consumption of plastics and recycle plastics, we actively communicated on plastic-related issues in our channels and stores. We are building a nationwide network of electric car charging points in Finland.

Digital services

We offer the best digital services to K Group's customers in all divisions. Our online sales of groceries grew significantly, and 66 additional stores (in a network of 156 stores) now offer online sales. We continued to develop the K-Ruoka online service and mobile app based on customer needs, utilising the latest technological innovations such as AI-based solutions.
The new version of the OnnShop online store application has caused sales and customer satisfaction to grow in technical wholesale in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. The OnniApp mobile app makes shopping easier in Onninen Express stores.

Management by information

Each K-store is tailored to meet local customer demand based on customer data. We improved support for management by information in K-food stores by offering more versatile, real-time, better quality data. With the tools provided, K-food stores can better manage store operations and store-specific business ideas. The number of stores utilising data grew by more than 50% in 2018. Our objective is to further develop tools for store management and utilise customer insight and artificial intelligence (K AI) more extensively in , e.g. selection management and marketing.
Using marketing based on customer data, we can offer our customers the best customer experience in the trading sector.  We continued the automation of marketing processes and promoted the use of data and artificial intelligence in marketing targeting and personalisation.

Additional services at our store locations


We want to enable more convenient services for our customers. We brought parcel pick-up points close to the homes of customers of over 130 additional K-stores. In total, pick-up points (Matkahuolto and Schenker) were opened in nearly 400 K-stores during the year.
We launched a new service for online shoppers that enables parcels from all online stores globally to be directed to a specific automatic pick-up point in a K-store of the customer’s own choosing.
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