Our value, The customer and quality – in everything we do, places customers at the centre of our operations.



Progress in 2019

Plans for 2020

Dialogue with customers

We constantly engage in a dialogue with customers in stores and social medial channels. We conduct surveys on customer satisfaction and brand and utilise customer views in the development of our responsibility work. In addition to continuous consumer surveys, we conducted the Ruokailmiöt 2019 (food phenomena) survey and Kespro’s “What Finns expect of restaurants 2020” survey, for example. K-Supermarket participated in the 10Days100Challenges event to collect ideas on how to make it easier to make sustainable choices at stores.  In early 2020, we will conduct a survey on sustainability themes on building and home improvement store customers in the Kylä customer community. 

Consultation services to customers

We offer our customers multichannel information on our products and services. In addition to shop assistants at building and home improvement stores, customers can ask for renovation guidance and advice through the K-Rauta website and K-Rauta renovation and gardening service.  In 2019, customers most frequently asked for advice on renovating their homes and restoring their yards and gardens.  
K Consumer Service responds to consumer feedback concerning the own brand products (Pirkka, K-Menu) and own imports of the grocery trade division. In 2019, K Consumer Service responded to 24944 contacts made.  


We offer products and services that promote health and wellbeing. In line with our vegetable commitment, we encourage our customers to eat more vegetables. By the end of 2019, some 700 K-food stores had dedicated veggie shelves with vegetable protein products. We organised 279 vegetable-related campaigns with 1,267 vegetable products.  We added 73 new fruit and vegetable products to our selections during 2019.   
Intersport offered training on different sports and activated customers in stores by offering tips from experts and product testing, which lowers the threshold for exercising safely. Intersport and the Sport Institute of Finland will launch a new training programme for store personnel with the aim of developing the competence of the Intersport store personnel on the subject of sport to provide an even better service to customers.

Sustainable consumption

We help our customers make sustainable choices. We introduced the data-based K-Ostokset service to our customers to help them understand the impacts of their purchase decisions. In addition to monitoring the share of domestic products purchased by a customer, a carbon footprint calculator was developed for the K-Ostokset service, which provides information on the carbon footprint of the customer’s shopping basket at the product category level. We will use the new Kiroileva hiili advertising campaign to tell our customers about our actions related to the environment and mitigating climate change. We will use the campaign character to encourage our customers to make more environmentally friendly choices.

Digital services

We offer the best digital services to K Group's customers in all divisions.  74 more stores began to offer online sales of groceries (network now comprises 230 stores). We continued to develop the online service and K-Ruoka mobile app with a customer-oriented approach. We piloted the K-Skanneri self-service scanner app in six K-food stores.     


A new version of Onninen’s online store was launched in Norway. Previous launches in Finland, Sweden and Estonia have accelerated strong growth in digital sales and increased customer satisfaction. In 2019, almost half of Onninen’s customer companies in Finland used the online store. Onninen’s mobile app now supports service warehouse operations in the facilities, containers and vehicles of over 160 customers.  In 2020, the focus will be on updating the website, combining the corporate site with the online store. The mobile app will be adopted in Norway and Sweden.

Management by information

Each K-store is tailored to meet local customer demand based on customer data. We invested in management by information and the support for store-specific business ideas in K-food stores and K-Rauta stores by developing existing tools and organising training. The number of stores utilising data grew significantly over the year. In line with our plans, we introduced a new tool that will make it even easier for K-food stores to make selection decisions that acknowledge stores-specific business ideas and customer needs. Our objective is to continue to develop tools for store-specific business ideas and store management in close cooperation with the stores. The objective is to facilitate everyday store routines, meaning more time for customers and the constant development of the store. Special focus on selection development; understanding and acknowledging the needs of customers in the store’s area and minimising wastage.  


Using marketing based on customer data, we can offer our customers the best customer experience in the trading sector.  We continued the automation of marketing processes and promoted the utilisation of data and artificial intelligence in marketing targeting and personalisation.   

Additional services at our store locations


We provide convenient services for our customers. Parcel pick-up and sending services were brought closer to an increasing number of Finns by opening nearly 100 new service points and 270 parcel lockers at K-stores. We opened the first four automatic collection points for online food purchases. We will develop and maintain a network of services to ensure that stores and important services for customers continue to be within easy reach in the future as well. We will continue to expand the network of joint automatic pick-up points to allow customers to receive their online shopping from various online stores at one location.
We successfully piloted the use of the Mobilepay application and prepared for its extensive adoption in early 2020.  
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