Our value, The customer and quality – in everything we do, places customers at the centre of our operations.



Progress in 2020

Dialogue with customers

We constantly engage in a dialogue with customers in stores and social medial channels. We conduct surveys on customer satisfaction and brand and utilise customer views in the development of our responsibility work. According to the Food Trends 2020 survey, the biggest factors influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions are conscious consumption, the aim to achieve holistic wellbeing and the desire to become a better cook. Customers want easy-to-use vegetarian food options to be added to the selection.

Towards the end of the year, we asked our customers for their opinion on our new Tracing Our Products website through our Kylä customer community. The respondents wanted coffee and bananas to be added as new products and asked for information to be displayed at the stores as well.  

Consultation services to customers

We offer our customers multichannel information on our products and services. In addition to shop assistants at building and home improvement stores, customers can ask for renovation guidance and advice through the K-Rauta website and K-Rauta renovation and gardening service.   
K Consumer Service responds to consumer feedback concerning the own brand products (Pirkka, K-Menu) and own imports of the grocery trade division. In 2019, K Consumer Service responded to 26,233 contacts made.


We offer products and services that promote health and wellbeing. In line with our vegetable commitment, we encourage our customers to eat more vegetables. We set a target that by 2020, at least 400 K-food stores will have dedicated ‘veggie shelves’ for plant protein products. The goal was reached in 2018. Today, plant protein products are part of the chain selections of all our grocery store chains. In 2020, we organised 313 egetable-related campaigns with 1,209 vegetable products. In 2020, we added 37 new fruit and vegetable products to our selections.

Sustainable consumption

We help our customers make sustainable choices. We added products made from food waste as well as more vegetarian convenience foods and plant protein products to our selections.

With the help of our Cursing Carbon character, we communicate to our customers our actions related to carbon footprint and mitigating climate change and encourage our customers to make more climate-friendly choices.  

Digital services

We offer the best digital services to K Group's customers in all divisions. Sales of our K-Ruoka online grocery service grew in 2020, making K-Ruoka the market leader in Finland. Strong growth in the updated online store supported sales in physical stores.
The new Nutrition section in our data-based K-Ostokset service allows customers to monitor their consumption of sugar, salt, red meat, fish and vegetables. K-Ostokset also enables users to measure the domestic content and climate impact of their food shopping.

Management by information

Each K-store is tailored to meet local customer demand based on customer data. During the exceptional year of the Covid-19 pandemic, attending to local customer needs became increasingly important. As a result, the online food store was expanded at a record pace. In 2020, online store services were offered by 470 stores, of which 241 were offering them for the first time. In addition, through the strong co-operation between K-stores and Kesko and by utilising K Group’s extensive data capital, analytics and AI solutions, we developed selection and campaign management tools to facilitate day-to-day business at the stores. The K-food stores widely adopted these new tools in 2020.
Using marketing based on customer data, we can offer our customers the best customer experience in the trading sector.  We continued the automation of marketing processes and promoted the utilisation of data and artificial intelligence in marketing targeting and personalisation. 

Additional services at our store locations


We provide convenient services for our customers. At the end of 2020, there were parcel and postal services at 995 K-stores. Despite exceptional circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, over 270 new parcel pick-up points were opened.

In 2020, the MobilePay mobile payment application was taken into use at nearly all K-food stores.
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