Vision of corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility is a strategic choice for Kesko and integrated in day-to-day activities. Kesko's vision of corporate responsibility: In all areas of responsibility, we are one of the trading sector pioneers on a global scale.


Kesko's general principles for corporate responsibility state that good financial performance must be achieved in a responsible way.

Kesko wants to retain and improve its rankings on sustainable development indexes and lists, because they are important impartial indicators of responsible operations and their results. A long-established presence in such indexes is a proof that sustainable development is taken into account in all of Kesko's business operations. It reinforces the present owners' opinion of Kesko and makes decision-making easier for investors who value responsibility. The transparency of reporting and corporate governance, as well as ensuring compliance with laws and responsible operating practices provide a solid basis for Kesko's business operations.

Personnel and retailers

Kesko's working community is p and international; shared principles and operating practices are the basis of our work in every environment. Every Kesko employee can contribute to the workplace atmosphere and job satisfaction with his or her responsible operation true to the values.

At Kesko, wellbeing at work relies on the possibility to perform meaningful work which corresponds to one's competencies in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. Employees' expectations and attitudes to work have changed and employers must provide possibilities for flexible working time at different stages of the career.

The importance of responsibility in building employer image is increasingly emphasized. The companies which enjoy good job satisfaction and offer diversified jobs and possibilities for career development are the most likely to attract and retain the best employees.

K-retailers listen to the wishes of their customers and adapt their selections accordingly. At stores, responsibility is implemented in all operations: by taking care of the personnel's wellbeing, investing in energy efficient refrigeration equipment and systematically recycling waste.

Suppliers and service providers

Comprehensive networking with suppliers of goods and services requires that all involved parties accept common values, objectives and operating practices. We require competence and commitment to the common objectives of ourselves and our partners. Thereby we create a framework for cooperation which is both profitable and sustainable. We are jointly responsible for our customers to be able to rely on our expertise, services and the quality and safety of our products.


Responsibility is strongly visible to customers in the K-Group's consumer brands and stores. Customers must be able to rely on and the fact that their responsible choices start as soon as they enter a K-store. We provide customers with information and support for responsible buying decisions and make responsible actions visible and easy to customers.

Responsibility is about quality products, maintaining services, taking care of personnel and wellbeing at work, high environmental protection standards, promotion of equality and improving the working conditions of employees in product manufacturing.

Electronic shopping and e-commerce have become key competitive factors in all of Kesko's divisions. Electronic retailing has grown with traditional trading, introducing new shopping possibilities independent of time and place. Increasingly many customers searches and compares products and services and shares information and discusses online. Social media has rapidly become an important channel for interaction with customers. The trading sector must be able to anticipate customer needs and to offer services and interaction channels to satisfy those needs.

Customers expect the trading sector to develop and offer healthy selections. Promoting healthy lifestyles and eating habits as well as physical exercise is the key especially in our food trade and our sports trade. Kesko Food's own product research laboratory controls the quality of groceries and home and speciality goods sold at K-food stores, Anttilas, K-citymarkets and the Kodin1department stores for home goods and interior decoration. Consumer service channels answer customer queries and feedback on a daily basis.

Customers are more and more interested in product safety, reliability and working conditions throughout the production chain. Related issues are raised in contacts from non-governmental organisations and in social media.

Society (authorities, non-governmental and other organisations and the media)

Kesko actively monitors and anticipates social changes in close cooperation with its stakeholder groups. This is important in order that we can be prepared for upcoming issues and to retain our pioneering position. We cooperate and openly discuss with non-governmental organisations, the authorities and other decision-makers. Our specialists are active in a wide variety of national and international organisations in their lines of business and trade and industry as a whole.

The duty of Kesko's communications is to promote the business of the Group and business partners by taking the initiative in providing stakeholders with correct information on Group objectives and operations. The general principles followed in providing communications are openness, topicality and truthfulness.

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