HR policy

The Kesko Group's HR management is based on Kesko's values and responsible operating principles, which are defined in the K Code of Conduct guidelines. The HR policy outlines the central procedures of the Kesko Group in the different areas of HR management. A good working community is every Kesko employee's responsibility.

Kesko's HR principles and HR strategy provide guidelines and support in the practical implementation of the HR policy. HR principles are permanent corporate policies and guidelines for practical human resource issues. The HR strategy defines HR management goals, critical success factors and key development initiatives.

The Corporate HR Unit is responsible for defining the HR strategy as part of the annual Kesko Group's strategy process. The HR steering group monitors and promotes the implementation of the HR strategy. Division parent companies and subsidiaries can also establish complementary guidelines to support their business objectives.
The HR policy covers the operations of the Kesko Group companies in Finland and other countries.

Legislation and agreements

In their HR operations, Kesko Group companies comply with international and national legislation, legally binding agreements and international voluntary agreements listed in the general principles of corporate responsibility. Kesko Group companies do not use child labour and do not accept discrimination in any form. Our working community is equal, and Kesko Group employees have freedom of association.

HR planning

HR planning is based on strategies and derived action plans. All Kesko Group companies prepare an annual human resource plan. Recruitment supports the company's business objectives, is based on a considered need and on job-specific competence and performance requirements. The most suitable person with the best development potential is selected for each job. 

Management and leadership

Management is responsibility-based and in compliance with the values. Superiors are responsible for the induction of Kesko's values and responsible working principles to every employee and for ensuring that all employees know their duties and targets. Every employee has a performance and development review with his or her superior at least once a year. The superior is responsible, within his or her area of responsibility, for personnel competencies and ensuring that their development is target-oriented, long-term and diversified. Employees are encouraged to take initiative and actively develop their competencies. A job satisfaction survey is a key tool in measuring success in management and leadership.
Pay is based on current applicable laws and/or agreements in accordance with country-specific practices. In addition to these, pay is determined on the basis of how demanding the job is and on competence, performance   and/or results in line with the good local practice.


The HR policy has been approved by Kesko's Corporate Management Board. Executives of Kesko Group companies are all responsible in their own area for the observance of the HR policy and principles and for personnel resources. Each immediate superior is the employer's representative in HR issues. 


Kesko reports on its HR performance openly and comprehensively in its annual Corporate Responsibility Report. Reporting is based on the guidelines and recommendations drawn up by the Global Reporting Initiative and is covered by an assurance statement by an independent assurance provider.
Approved by Kesko's Corporate Management Board on 16 May 2007. 
Handled on 14 August by the Board of the K-Retailers' Association which recommends corresponding HR management principles to the K-stores.

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