Warehouse vacancies

Keslog Ltd

If you cannot find an announcement for Keslog warehouse jobs among the vacancies, you can fill in an open application. If we get vacancies, we will select and invite some applicants to visit us in person based on the open applications. Open applications will be active for three months.

With an open application, you can only apply for the position of a warehouse worker in Keslog's warehouses in Vantaa. An open application for a Keslog warehouse job

In case you have questions related to recruiting, the best way to reach us is to call +358 10 53 28729 between 12 and 1 PM on weekdays or to send an email to rekrytointi.keslog@kesko.fi. We do not take emailed job applications into account.

Contact details of district terminals

Warehouse vacancies in Kesko's district centres in Keslog's district terminals: to apply for warehouse vacancies in the district centres in Turku, Tampere, Oulu and Kuopio, contact the district centre.

Turku Transport Manager Tomi Mikkola
Tampere Transport Manager Matti Hannonen
Oulu Transport Manager Kaarlo Hyvönen
Kuopio Transport Manager Matti Kettunen

Email addresses are formed as: firstname.lastname@kesko.fi

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