K Digital Trainee vlog 2016

You can follow the trainee program through our trainee vlog series, where we share our top experiences about our trainee life. One vlog post is published each month until the end of the program.


In this last digital trainee vlog episode you get to see the best moments of our excursion in London. We visited a lot of stores from different retail categories, for example made.com furniture store, Foyles and Waterstones bookstores, Tesco and Wholefoods grocery stores, and Audi and Tesla showrooms. Meeting with Nick Lansley was one of the most memorable experiences. Nick is one of the founders of Tesco online services, and the founder of Tesco Innovation Lab, so we got many inspiring ideas from him.

See you, Katri, Hanna-Reetta, Niina, Hilla ja Joonas


Hello! Amazing six months behind, and new exciting challenges ahead of us. In the video I tell you about my time as the K Digital Trainee within Kesko's car trade division VV-Auto. Enjoy! –Joonas


Hi! I made a vlog about my time here as a K Digital Trainee so that everyone could see how cool it is to work here. Check it out and tell me what you think.  Welcome on board! -Niina


Hi! In the third episode of the trainee vlog I take you to see what’s my life like in K-rauta digital services team. Look for a sneak peek about how we are testing VR glasses! –Hilla


The second episode of our trainee vlog series is here and I’m glad to share my experiences with you! In this vlog post I’ll introduce you to my life at Kesko and I’ll tell a bit more about my projects. Welcome and enjoy! -Hanna-Reetta



I'm really excited to start our trainee vlog series! In this vlog post, I share my top experiences about my trainee life so far. Welcome to follow our journey -Katri

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Katri, Hanna-Reetta, Niina, Hilla ja Joonas
Kesko welcomed five new and enthusiastic K Digital Trainees with strong expertise. They will work on a diverse range of digital projects in different functions. The K Digital Trainee Programme is providing us with new insights and bold expertise from digitally-oriented young people. The trainees' work and competence development is guided by Kesko's digital directors and mentors have been nominated to support personal development. The digital direction of the trainees is assured by the advisors and by Anni Ronkainen.

K Digital Trainees started in the K-Group

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