K-building and home improvement retailer

K-retailers running building and home improvement stores and agricultural stores operate in the K-rauta, Rautia and K-maatalous chains, which are all industry leaders in Finland. Many stores in the Rautia chain operate as Rautia K-maatalous combination stores selling both building and home improvement and agricultural products.

Rautakesko's retailer training

Rautakesko's retailer training is based on strong competence in retailing. Most of the people in Rautakesko's retailer training programme are already working in K-Group's building and home improvement stores, but it is also possible to do on-the-job retailer training. Rautakesko's retailer training takes some 1.5 years and is based on group study modules and training in a store.

The backgrounds and work histories of building and home improvement and agricultural retailers vary, and so do the bases required for a K-retailer career. Most current retailers have gained previous experience in the building and home improvement and agricultural trade, but they also include many professionals from different lines of work who have found that the industry provides a suitable challenge for them.

When new retailers are chosen for the training phase, previous work experience in the industry is not necessary. However, a retailer’s success is often based on expertise gained in retailing.

Retailer as an entrepreneur

In Rautakesko’s chains, the retailer’s role is to always ensure with his or her operations that the best solutions are used in the market situation while generating customer loyalty and maintaining profitable business. The retailer acts as an independent entrepreneur, implementing the chain concept of the store chain. The retailer’s solutions and actions ultimately ensure customer loyalty and profitability.

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