Youth Guarantee in the K-Group

The K-Group actively promotes the employment of the young and aims to hire people in the target group of the Youth Guarantee to K-stores and Kesko. Since August 2013 the K-group has employed over 4,700 young people with the help of the program. The Youth Guarantee in the K-Group continues.

Grocery stores have employed most young people, but many have also been employed by the building and technical trade and the car trade divisions.

It is important for the success of Finland that young people enter working life as soon as possible. The trading sector is the biggest employer in trade and industry with more than 300,000 employees. Kesko and K-stores will continue to need diligent young people who are interested in working in this sector and want to make shopping fun for our customers.

Kesko and the K-Retailers’ Association implement the programme in close cooperation with the authorities, with Matti Mettälä, Senior Vice President of Kesko, and Jaana Hertsberg, Managing Director of the K-Retailers’ Association, responsible for the guidance.

The K-Group has around 42,000 employees in eight countries. In Finland, Kesko and K-retailers have about 30,000 employees, of whom about 20,000 are employed by K-retailer entrepreneurs.

Further information about the Youth Guarantee in the K-Group:
Project Coordinator Johanna Kinnunen,

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