Work experience and theses

One in five employed young persons under 25 years is employed in the trading sector. K Group stores provide the first experience of working life to many young people.

Every year, Kesko employs thousands of summer employees, on-the-job trainees, and young people for short-term orientation to working life and for short-term summer jobs called 'Learn and earn'. Most of the work experience positions are in stores, but also Kesko Corporation and Kesko's division companies regularly employ people for work experience. Moreover, the academic or vocational higher education students who are at the end of their studies or have recently graduated, have the opportunity to take part in our yearly K Trainee program. Read more about the 2019 program here.

K-stores and Kesko Group units make independent decisions on when and for what jobs they take people for work experience. In seeking a work experience placement, it pays off to be active and directly contact the K-retailer or the Kesko Group unit you are interested in. 

Orientation to working life

Orientation to working life is an on-the-job training period that is part of the curriculum of eighth- and ninth-graders. It is a supervised introduction to how companies and working communities operate. Since the orientation to working life period is part of the curriculum, it takes place during the school year, not during the summer or other holidays. There is no salary for the orientation to working life period, so the student is not employed by the company where they do their orientation.

On-the-job learning and on-the-job training

These concepts refer to compulsory or optional study modules where students get hands-on experience in working life in the field they are studying.

On-the-job learning

• upper secondary vocational education institutions
• supervised working at the workplace during a predefined period
• a written agreement between the institution and the employer required
• is unpaid as a rule (if paid, the collective agreement must be observed)

On-the-job training

• universities and universities of applied sciences
• supervised work at the workplace during a predefined period
• if paid on-the-job training is agreed on, an employment contract must be made – if unpaid, there is typically a three-way agreement between the company, the educational institution and the student

Note: Did you know that if you do an on-the-job training period that is part of your university of applied sciences studies in a K-store or in Kesko, you are eligible to apply for a Kesko scholarship worth €500? Read more here.

Thesis cooperation

Cooperation with a thesis project depends on the research requirements of Kesko Group's individual units. A thesis project may be initiated as a request for research by the company or as a suggestion by a student. Before suggesting a thesis project, it is worthwhile to consider the topic and which department or unit might be interested in it. A thesis project may be offered directly to a particular unit of Kesko Group.

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