Our shared objective is to exceed customers' expectations, and we work for it briskly but not without a sense of humour. Everyone has their responsibility areas, but a friend in need is always offered a helping hand.

Interested in the trading sector? A summer job with us will provide you opportunities to save a customer's day with outstanding service and to learn about running a store from more experienced colleagues.

Every summer, we offer jobs all over Finland for thousands of young people with a retailer attitude. Most of the summer jobs are in stores, but there is also work available in offices and warehouses. A summer job in the K-Group is a good springboard to working life. You can gather experience that any employer will appreciate!

Learn by doing

Employment of the young is important to us, and each year we employ up to 10 000 new young people. We are constantly seeking enthusiastic young people to work for the K-Group.

We believe the best way to learn the work is by doing. That is why we do not only search experienced professionals, but also people who are truly enthusiastic about the trading sector and are not afraid to get down to the business.

We in the K-Group share an enthusiasm for the trading sector and a retailer attitude that shows as a spirit of getting things done and taking responsibility and as a possibility to have a say in how things are done. We do not hesitate to take action, whether it is serving a customer or helping a colleague.


Summer job opportunities

Summer job usually refers to temporary work that schoolchildren or students do during their holidays. Summer job often refers to work done during school holidays. Written contracts are made with all our summer employees.

In retail stores, summer employees may work as checkout operators and sales assistants, among other things; in Kesko Group, they may do office work such as financial management or communications, or be employed for warehouse jobs in our logistics centres.

If you cannot find a suitable position for you in our job vacancies, another efficient way of applying is to contact the K-retailer in your area directly and ask if they have summer job vacancies. We appreciate proactive and hands-on applicants!

You can browse currently available summer job vacancies here. If you cannot find a suitable job for you at this time, you can also fill in an open job application.

"Learn and earn" on-the-job training

"Learn and earn" is a summer on-the-job training period for secondary and upper secondary school students who have no previous experience from the trading sector. It is sponsored by the Finnish Commerce Federation and Service Union United PAM. The length of the period is two weeks (10 working days) and it can be set between 1 June and 31 August 2016.

In 2016, a lump sum of €350 will be paid for completing the "Learn and earn" summer training programme. The lump sum includes the holiday compensation accrued during the training period and all other benefits with monetary value in accordance with the collective agreement.

The "Learn and earn" training is applicable to students in basic education, in the tenth grade, in pre-vocational programmes and in upper secondary school (who have not yet graduated from upper secondary school) who have not previously been employed in the trading sector apart from possible previous on-the-job training periods.

Read more about the "Learn and earn" training programme.

Youth Guarantee

The K-Group takes an active part in executing the Youth Guarantee programme. This is another option worth taking into account when applying for a summer job. The target group of the Youth Guarantee is young people under the age of 30 who have finished basic education or upper secondary school and who have registered as unemployed jobseekers with the TE office. Note. Full-time students are not in the target group of the Youth Guarantee. Read more.







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