"Learn and earn" on-the-job training

Learn and earn is a summer on-the-job training period for secondary and upper secondary school students who have no previous experience from the trading sector. It is sponsored by the Finnish Commerce Federation and Service Union United PAM. The length of the period is two weeks (10 working days) and it can be set between 1 June and 31 August 2016.

In 2016, a lump sum of €350 will be paid for completing the "Learn and earn" summer training programme. The lump sum includes the holiday compensation accrued during the training period and all other benefits with monetary value in accordance with the collective agreement. Last summer, some 650 Learn and earn youngsters familiarised themselves with the trading sector in the K-Group.

The Learn and earn training is applicable to students in basic education, in the tenth grade, in pre-vocational programmes and in upper secondary school (who have not yet graduated from upper secondary school) who have not previously been employed in the trading sector apart from possible previous on-the-job training periods.

To apply for an on-the-job training position

You can ask if they take Learn and earn trainees at your local K-store. Stores are run by retailer entrepreneurs who decide if they can take Learn and earn trainees in their stores at a given time.

When you go to a store, take with you a job application where you tell about yourself and that has your contact details. Also remember a firm handshake, a positive attitude and eye contact.

Good luck with finding a summer training position!

Further information

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