Work environment and working conditions

Competent, healthy employees create value for Kesko and K-store customers. Our new main office building, K-Kampus, opens in Helsinki’s Kalasatama in 2019.
K-Kampus will open in Kalasatama, Helsinki in 2019.

Kesko is a Finnish listed trading sector company. Kesko operates in the grocery trade, the building and technical trade, and the car trade. Its divisions and chains act in close cooperation with retailer entrepreneurs and other partners.

Kesko has around 1,800 stores engaged in chain operations in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Belarus. Together, Kesko and K-retailers form K Group, whose sales (pro forma) totalled some €13 billion in 2018. K Group is the biggest trading sector operator in Finland and one the biggest in Northern Europe, and employs some 41,000 people.

Competent, healthy employees create value for K Group and K-store customers. The objectives of developing wellbeing at work include increasing personnel commitment, promoting health, raising the retirement age, and improving employer image, thereby raising productivity at work.

Occupational health and safety

We are committed to promoting health and a safe working environment in all our operations. Kesko’s occupational health care is arranged in compliance with local legislation and practices in all operating countries.

In Finland, we provide comprehensive occupational health care that both supports working capacity and promotes health. Personnel in Finland are provided with a level of medical care beyond the legal requirements. Occupational health care acts in close cooperation with business: targets are set together, with systematic monitoring of results and the effectiveness of measures taken. Kesko’s own occupational health unit coordinates all occupational health care services and also provides occupational health care to employees in the greater Helsinki area. Elsewhere in Finland, Kesko's occupational health collaborates with an external occupational health care service provider.

Occupational health is part of the Group’s OHS (Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing) function. Occupational health suggests to its customers various nutrition and stress management related pilots and other health and wellbeing programmes directed at personnel and managers.

Continuous work can help prevent incidents, injuries and occupational diseases. We aim for zero injuries at K Group. To make this a reality
- we apply an engaging, risk assessment-based approach to managing work-related hazards, and
- we report near misses and injuries and analyse underlying causes and trends in an effort to continuously develop our operations further.

A risk management tool is available to all operating countries. Based on positive experiences in Finland, the tool was adopted in Sweden in 2018. We effectively communicate the rules of occupational safety to ensure employees understand their purpose and follow the rules and address any incidents.

Labour protection is arranged separately by company or place of business in compliance with local legislation. Outside the Nordic countries, labour protection matters are handled by OHS committees. Kesko's HR functions and partners arrange occupational safety training for Kesko employees and K-retailers. Group companies also arrange training sessions tailored to their specific operations.

In Finland, K Group takes part in the Nolla tapaturmaa (“Zero injuries”) forum, where 420 participants share their occupational safety best practices. In companies of more than 100 employees in Poland, an OHS specialist audits and takes part in developing health and occupational safety matters and supports the working communities in implementing occupational safety at workplace level. Onninen in Finland was one of the first companies to get the new ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety standard certification.

Injuries can also occur outside work hours. As an employee benefit, the personnel in Finland is covered by leisure-time accident insurance.

Supporting the wellbeing of personnel

We support the wellbeing of our personnel in many ways as part of our personnel-related corporate responsibility. We have common principles for occupational health care, safety and wellbeing in our operating countries.

In Finland, we have adopted a comprehensive K Well operating model, which covers wellbeing-enhancing aspects from the point of view of individual employees, the working community, and managers. Key aspects include pre-emptive measures, a workday experience that promotes wellbeing, and everyday things people can affect themselves – also outside work. Managers have a particular responsibility for personnel wellbeing at the workplace, and we provide operating models and training to support the managers.

We support personnel wellbeing through various programmes, health-related and other training, and employee benefits (e.g. the ePassi system to support comprehensive wellbeing). Support measures vary depending on country and needs.

Our sickness absence management models comply with local legislation in each country. In Finland, Kesko uses its “Let's Talk About Work” discussion model to support working capacity and employee wellbeing. In Norway, we offer services for working environment development, lifestyle changes, and promoting health. Various insurance solutions are also in place in Norway to support personnel members with changes in working life. In Poland, we use employee incentives to promote health and safety, for example, to encourage a smoking-free lifestyle.

K-Kampus – K Group’s smart main office building in Helsinki’s Kalasatama  

K Group’s new main office building K-Kampus is located in Kalasatama in Helsinki. The smart office building will host some 1,800 Kesko employees once completed in spring 2019. The building has been constructed in cooperation with Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company.

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