K-Group for experts

We are a renewing company in the trading sector and we want to strengthen our team with new people who have a fresh way of thinking and want to build Kesko into a forerunner in the trading sector.

As consumer behaviour and the needs of our customers change, we will change as well. Our objective is to exceed our customers' expectations also in the future – both online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

As one of our experts, you get to renew the trading sector and tackle challenging tasks. We find it important to question old habits so that we can keep up with changes in the trading sector.

We share a positive spirit of getting things done and a retailer attitude that shows as actively taking responsibility, as continuous learning and as a possibility to have a say in how things are done. Trading is front and center in the K-Group, and being successful in our jobs requires genuine interest in the trading sector.

Trading sector transformation and increase in e-commerce call for new kinds of expertise

Developing our personnel systematically and based on business needs is critical for future success. In accordance with our strategy, charting digital competence will be executed in all divisions as part of performance and development reviews.

The first K Digital Academy training programme was developed and executed for marketing personnel. An open online course on digital marketing was made available to all K-Group personnel. In 2015, several regional social media training sessions were held for retailers.

Other core areas of competence development have included:
•Sales and service competence
•Product line-specific projects driving competitive advantage
•Safety and responsibility
•Immediate supervisor work

Also in-house job rotation opens up possibilities for many different kinds of career possibilities. In 2015, there were about 1,800 internal transfers in Finland (2014: 1,900) and a total of about 2,900 in other operating countries (2014: 2,500).

Development possibilities for those interested

We reward active people and development possibilities are offered for those interested. Development may involve steps forward, a change of direction or a sideward jump.

In a big group, there are many ways to develop: you can change jobs between companies or divisions, and there are many kinds of career paths that can make you an even more skilled expert or lead to supervisory positions, retailer entrepreneurship or management positions.

In our trainings, you get to deepen your expertise, hone your supervisor skills or even study languages.
Kesko combines Finnish and international traits. In addition to Finland, we have operations in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Belarus.

As an international company, the K-Group also offers interesting career possibilities abroad. Internationality can also mean cooperation with a multicultural group of colleagues.

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