Customer service professionals – ensuring excellent encounters

At K Group, you get to work on the frontline of Finnish trade and take part in creating excellent customer experiences in the grocery trade, building and technical trade, and car trade. K Group will also offer you opportunities to further develop your skills as a customer service and trading sector professional.

K Group provides training

We offer constant, topical training. The annual K Team Days give you a chance to network with other K Group employees: last year some 6,500 K Group people took part in the fun.

Perhaps you want to challenge yourself professionally and move on to more demanding positions? We offer manager training that can lead to positions in e.g. department store or customer service management. With our training and career path options and the K-retailer coaching, you can even become a retailer.

K Group is a valued employer

K Group is a well-known and valued employer, and a responsible and financially sound company. As a large trading sector operator, we can offer a wide range of positions across Finland in different divisions.

Kesko is ranked on the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World list as the most sustainable trading sector company in the world. Kesko is the only Finnish company to have been included on the list every year since it was established in 2005.

Read more about K Group’s responsibility.

K Group is passionate about trade

We at K Group are passionate about trade and listen to our customers closely. We offer a wide range of products and develop new services, thus ensuring work is inspiring and constantly evolving.

K Group is big and strong, but also open, loyal and friendly, allowing you to confidently build your strengths as a trading sector professional. At K Group, no one is left behind and we take care of our customers, the society and the environment. The enthusiasm we bring to work every day can be seen by our customers.

Let’s make a good deal - join K Group.

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