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K Group is a transforming trading sector forerunner, now and in the future. By operating as one unified K Group we can constantly exceed the expectations of our customers at our stores, online and as a B2B partner.

We take care of each other and the society, and want to be the most trusted and responsible trading sector company in Europe. We make sure we can redeem that position every day through our actions.

Independent, competitive K-retailer entrepreneurs are the heart of our operation and we all share their spirit and passion for trade. This means were are positive, do not shy away from responsibility, and embrace the chance make a difference in our work. We spring into action to serve our customers and help our colleagues.

K Group is for customers

We at K Group are passionate about trade and listen to our customers closely. We offer a wide range of products and make new launches. We develop new digital services, such as the K-Ruoka mobile application for our food store customers, and versatile online sales, also in co-operation with the Chinese Alibaba. We share an innovative, experimental attitude, which ensures our work is inspiring and constantly evolving.

K Group is big and strong, but also open, loyal and friendly. At K Group, no one is left behind and we take care of our customers, the society and the environment. The enthusiasm we bring to work every day can be seen by our customers. As a workplace, K Group is evolving and international and we operate in eight countries in Europe. Common values, principles and operating practices form the basis for our work everywhere.

K Group provides training and development opportunities

We reward a proactive attitude and provide opportunities for personal improvement. We invest in the development of our people, as growing employee competencies help drive K Group forward.

In a big organisation, you may move from one company or division to another based on your career ambitions: 4,000 K Group employees change positions within the group each year. Our versatile career paths may lead you to a managerial or leadership position or see you become a retailer entrepreneur. K-Academy trainings help grow and deepen your expertise.

K Group is responsible

Corporate responsibility is integrated into K Group’s day-to-day activities, and we strive to help our customers make good choices at food stores, in building and when buying a car. We want to make life easier for our customers by offering them quality products and services that promote wellbeing. As proof of our corporate responsibility work, Kesko has been ranked the most sustainable trading sector company in the world on the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World list for several years. The focus of our responsibility work is on the welfare of both people and the environment. The K Code of Conduct guides all our operations.

K Group is international

K Group is strong operator in eight countries and we are constantly transforming and evolving. At K Group, you can build a career alongside top European trading sector talent. In total, there are some 42,000 K Group employees in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Belarus.

K Group values diversity

Our customers are all different, and we can accommodate them because we too are a diverse group, comprising creative customer service professionals, digital forerunners and strategists with a head for numbers.

Equality, justice and non-discrimination are important principles K Group has committed to. A value-driven organisation that promotes diversity guarantees equal opportunities, rights and treatment to all. We want to make diversity management one of the cornerstones of operational development.

In recent years, K Group has launched various projects aimed at employing young people and special groups, establishing a permanent operating model for this. So far, more than 4,700 young people from the target group had received a position in K Group with the help of a work trial, pay subsidy or apprenticeship training.

In 2017 in K Group:

  • The average age of employees in Finland was 37. In other operating countries, the average age of employees varied from 35 to 46.
  • Lengths of employee careers: under 10 years 66% and over 10 years 34% in Finland, and 83% and 17% respectively in the other countries.
  • Long careers are not rare: 1,173 employees had worked at Kesko for over 25 years.
  • Two of the seven members of Kesko’s Board of Directors were women.
  • Two of the nine members of the Group Management Board were women.
  • In the subsidiaries engaged in retailing in Finland, the proportion of women in managerial duties was significant: 89% of the department managers at K-Citymarket hypermarkets were women.
  • At the end of 2017, 46% of all managers in Finland were women (46% in 2016) and 54% were men (54% in 2016).

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