Strategic directors

We are continuously looking for new competent and inspiring leaders. We want to strengthen our team with directors experienced in international business to translate K Group's strategy into productive actions and ensure that we can bolster our position as a top operator in the European trading sector.

We offer diverse opportunities for continuous improvement of your professional competence, such as development programmes tailored in line with your own goals. As a major international organisation, we can offer you ample career development opportunities.

The trading sector is in constant transition, and at K Group you get to take part in steering this change. The scope of our operations is extensive, and your decisions make a difference.

Responsible, strong and coherent K

K Group is an important international and local operator, whose actions reflect upon the entire society. Since our visibility is so high, we need to be transparent, actively involved and flexible.

We take care of one another as well as our customers, so that people can have faith and confidence in us. We monitor closely that every product from far afield is just as safe and appropriately produced as the eggs coming from our local producer. When we do everything even just a little better than required, we are able to claim our status as the world's most sustainable trading company every day.

As a director, you will develop and steer K Group into a frontrunner in the shopping experience of the future, in close interaction with our stakeholders. You want to lead by example and positive attitude, and your eyes are always fixed to what's ahead. Developing new operating models comes natural to you, and your number one priority is to ensure the world's best customer experience.

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