Sports and shoe trade

Are you a sporty person or interested in sports and do you follow trends actively? If you're also naturally inclined to providing good customer service, Intersport, Budget Sport or The Athlete's Foot could well be your future workplace. Customer service professionals interested in fashion can start filling new shoes at Kookenkä stores. Find our vacancies below!

Intersport is Finland's market leader in sports trade and has proved to be the most trusted sports store in the country. The Intersport chain features 54 stores and a comprehensive online store. The chain's success is based on extensive selections of sports and leisure products, good service, high product quality, diverse maintenance services and expert shopping, both in-store and online.

There are ten
Budget Sport stores all around Finland. We are a growing international chain of sports stores based on the bargain shopping concept, owned by Intersport International Corp. The pilot store based on the concept was inaugurated at the Tammisto district of Vantaa in spring 2006. In addition to Tammisto, we operate at Lempäälä's Ideapark, Espoo, Turku, Oulu, Jyväskylä, Kouvola, Kuopio and Pori. Our aim is to provide the customers with sports products more quickly, easily and affordably than our competitors. A diverse online store complements the customer experience. The chain has an aggregate staff of around 200 persons. Our teams work at a brisk pace, yet in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

The Athlete’s Foot is a retailer of sporty leisure footwear and clothing. The chain represents some of the world's most renowned sports clothes brands and models in Finland. The chain has six stores plus an online store.

All these chains embrace a youthful, sporty and casual culture. At work, our people are involved with products that they use and enjoy wearing in their freetime as well.

Kookenkä is Finland's largest specialised shoe retail chain for the whole family. The chain's 36 stores and the online store cover the whole country. The people that we're ideally looking for are oriented towards customer service, have experience in retail trade and take an interest in fashion. With us, you can also work evenings and weekends. Therefore, many of our vacancies are well-suited for students in the field, for example.

Find our vacancies below:

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