Digital development and IT

At K Group, digital development, responsible use of data, IT, marketing and e-commerce are the cornerstones of our business. We are now strengthening our position as a forerunner in retail technologies and will hire 100 new people in the coming years. If team-oriented software development, eCom, React, Node.js, AI and UX excite you, check out our positions here on this page!

At K-Group, our operations are driven by customer insight and world-class customer data, on top of which we build services and AI applications that make our customers' everyday lives easier. We don't just collect data, we use it responsibly and efficiently to make better decisions and make our customers' lives easier. We have data, IT and digital experts working not just in the background, but in close collaboration with the business to make business decisions. E-commerce, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are the areas where we are investing.

There are not many workplaces where you can influence the everyday lives of so many people both in Finland and internationally

Few workplaces have the opportunity to influence so many people's daily lives, and just as comprehensively - how we eat, move and live in the future. Every day, K Group has 1.9 million customer experiences on physical stores and online. The total number of active Plussa members is 3.3 million. The results of the work of K Group’s professionals are visible and familiar to almost every Finn.

Our IT organization supports K Group's business in Finland and in other operating countries, and the working language of the organization is English. So we also welcome international experts!

We offer jobs in pioneering technologies in a community of 500 people

We offer  you the opportunity to work with world-class digital solutions and an international working environment where you can develop your skills even further.

We currently have a community of 500 people working in Digital Development, IT, Data Analytics and Marketing.  We give you the chance to challenge yourself professionally and develop in the direction you want. As the largest retailer in Finland and one of the largest in the Nordic countries, there is constantly opening up new opportunities and career paths, also within K Group.

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