Jukka Rahikainen has held a variety of positions at Kesko

For Jukka Rahikainen, August 2014 marked 40 years at Kesko. Over the course of his career, he has held many positions in various units of Kesko Group.

Jukka Rahikainen was employed by the error investigation unit of the Central Warehouse back in August 1974, where he later became a supervisor. After that, he has made a long career in logistics accounting based in Hakkila, Vantaa and Katajanokka, Helsinki.

Accounting systems were developed and implemented by the company from scratch. Jukka became a strong specialist in the development, programming and use of accounting systems.

Interest and competence in data systems have characterised his career in later years, too, even though the systems have changed over the years.

In recent years, Jukka has worked as controller for various business units of Kesko Food Ltd’s Finance. He has gained experience in controlling functions of logistics, K-Plus Oy and IT unit as well as in the development of information systems for sales and financial administration.

In his current position of controller at the KCM chain unit he is responsible for duties related to systems development, reporting and sales analysis.

Jukka’s fellow employees know him as a diligent, helpful and dedicated professional, who looks for efficient solutions that benefit business.

“I’ve held positions that have enabled me to develop my competencies. I have had a chance to contribute to operations through my work. This has been important for wellbeing and enjoyment at work,” Jukka says.


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