Career stories

In the K-Group, there is a huge variety of career paths; you can work at a store, take up retailer entrepreneurship or seek expert positions at Kesko.

Kesko and the retailer entrepreneurs in Kesko chains employ a total of about 42,000 people in eight countries. Working in a store provides a good foundation for any job in the K-Group – which is why K-trainees and retailer trainees, among others, spend most of their time in stores.

In the K-Group, it is easy to beef up your competence and keep it up-to-date. You can specialise as a K-Food Specialist who has a firm grasp of nutrition and diets, study languages or take supervisor trainings, among other things. A change of direction is also possible: work in a sports store is different from that in a department store, you can learn about retailer entrepreneurship while working in a store, and Kesko offers a wide variety of expert positions.

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