Insider administration

Kesko's insider regulations
Kesko complies with the insider guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki. Kesko's Board of Directors has confirmed Kesko's insider regulations for permanent and project-specific insiders. The contents of the regulations correspond with the insider rules of Nasdaq Helsinki. Kesko's insider regulations have been distributed to all insiders.

Kesko's permanent insiders and insider registers
In accordance with the Securities Markets Act, Kesko's permanent public insiders include Kesko's Board members, the President and CEO (managing director), and the audit firm's auditor with principal responsibility for Kesko. Kesko Corporation's Board of Directors has also stipulated that, in addition to the President and CEO, the other members of the Group Management Board are regarded as the company's permanent public insiders. All permanent public insiders and the statutory information about them, their related parties and the corporations that are controlled by related parties, or in which they exercise influence, have been entered in Kesko's register of public insiders.

Other permanent insiders of Kesko include persons working in positions determined by the Board of Directors who have access to insider information and who are thus entered in the company's own, non-public insider register. Kesko's company-specific insider register is divided into sub-registers that consist of permanent insiders and of possible insider projects and persons participating in their preparation.

Public insider register

Monitoring and training
The Group's legal affairs function monitors the compliance with insider guidelines and maintains the company's insider registers in cooperation with Euroclear Finland Ltd. At regular intervals, the legal affairs function delivers an extract of the information in the insider register to permanent public insiders for checking and reminds permanent insiders about upcoming trading restrictions preceding the publication of financial results and monitors the compliance with them and with trading restrictions during possible insider projects. Kesko's permanent insiders are not allowed to acquire or dispose of securities issued by the company, including securities or derivative financial instruments entitling to them, during 21 days prior to the disclosure of interim reports and during 28 days prior to the disclosure of the annual financial statements. These disclosure dates are announced annually beforehand in a stock exchange release. It has also been requested that permanent insiders' spouses refrain from trading in Kesko securities or derivative financial instruments during their trading restriction periods. Furthermore, people involved in possible insider projects, whether included in the insider register or not, may not trade in Kesko's securities or derivative financial instruments during an insider project.

The legal affairs function also annually arranges training on insider issues and related matters concerning the disclosure obligation of a listed company within the Group.