Building and home improvement trade

Rautakesko’s more than 400 stores are reliable partners in building, home improvement and interior decoration for both consumers and B2B customers. Rautakesko operates in eight countries and manages six retail store chains: K-rauta, Rautia, K-maatalous, Byggmakker, Senukai and OMA. Rautakesko is the fifth largest company in the European building and home improvement market.

Meeting the various demands of customer groups, extensive assortments and wide-ranging installation and design services in stores and on the internet provide the basis for implementing building and interior decoration projects in cooperation with the customer. Rautakesko’s stores have around 100,000 customer visits per day, while the websites are visited by more than 40,000.

Rautakesko’s key function is to support the stores’ operations and customer service by offering common assortments and services, sourcing and logistics, and the development of the chain concepts and the store network.

There are more than 400 building and home improvement stores in eight countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus. The figure also includes approximately 80 K-maatalous agricultural stores in Finland.

K-retailers who operate in the chain business model are responsible for the business of Finnish retail stores. The retailer business model will also be implemented in Sweden and Norway.

Efficient concepts and local expertise

The competitive advantage of Rautakesko’s stores consists of locally operating retailers and country-specific chains, and the efficient, centralised activities supporting them. Rautakesko’s international business model increases efficiency by combining the purchasing volumes, category management, logistics, information system management and network development of the chains operating in different countries.


K-rauta is Rautakesko’s international concept, which combines total services and assortments for consumers and B2B customers. There are 42 K-rauta stores in Finland, 20 in Sweden, and eight in both Estonia and Latvia. There are 13 K-rauta stores in Russia, seven of which are in the St. Petersburg area and six in the Moscow area. K-rauta is the second largest operator in the building and home improvement market in St. Petersburg. »


The Rautia chain has the widest building and home improvement store network in Finland. It serves builders, renovators and building professionals, in particular. In many localities, Rautia and K-maatalous agricultural stores operate as combined stores. »


K-maatalous chain operates in Finland. The stores are run by K-maatalous retailers who know the local conditions and agricultural entrepreneurs. »


The Byggmakker is a key building and home improvement trade operator in Norway. Its store network extends throughout the country and B2B customer expertise is extremely strong. »


The Senukai chain is the market leader in Lithuania. The chain’s stores offer customers almost every product related to building and living. »


OMA is the largest building and home improvement store chain in Belarus. »


The most reliable building partner

Building and home improvement store customers are offered an individual shopping experience, which plays a major role in consumers’ purchasing decisions in particular. There are also targeted services available for home builders and decorators, such as a sales assistant appointed for the project, and solutions and tips for project management.

In 2013, about two thirds of the total net sales came from consumer business and one third from sales to B2B customers, but the proportion varies considerably from country to country. In addition to strong consumer sales, the special needs of B2B customers are taken closely into account when planning assortments and services.

The ‘Pro Center’ concept developed as part of the international K-rauta concept was created for the specific purpose of responding to these identified special needs, so that the B2B customer can better focus on its core business. Together with the K-rauta and Rautia chains, Rautakesko B2B Sales is the market leader in the B2B trade in Finland.

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