Diverse working community

A pluralistic organisation that supports diversity guarantees equal possibilities, rights and treatment to everyone.

Equality, justice and non-discrimination are important principles that are observed in Kesko throughout job careers.

We joined the Diversity Charter Finland in the autumn of 2013. The Diversity Charter operations are based on a charter that is signed by all new members. The objective of the charter is to help companies raise the management of diversity into one of the starting points of operations development.

Among Kesko employees, there is a wide distribution of ages: the youngest are secondary school students doing their orientation to working life period, while the oldest are old hands drawing close to retirement. Employees of various ages and backgrounds make for a diverse working community. It is important for a working community to be able to transfer knowledge and experiences from one generation to the next.

Kesko Corporation and its Finnish division parent companies and subsidiaries draw up statutory company-specific HR and equality plans and define objectives for improvement. The plans cover recruitment, career advancement and training, remuneration and the reconciliation of work and family life.

In addition to gender equality, the plans also guide other aspects of equality, such as the treatment of people in different age groups or with different cultural backgrounds. The personnel's experiences regarding equality have been tracked as part of a personnel survey.

Did you know...

  • Of Kesko Group employees in Finland 55% were female and 45% were male. In other operating countries, the figures were 50% and 50% respectively.
  • In Finland, the average age of employees was 36.2 years in 2015. In other countries, the average age of employees varied from 28 to 42 years.
  • Lengths of employee careers: under 10 years: 68% and over 10 years: 32% in Finland and 91% and 9% respectively in other countries. Long careers are not rare: 911 employees have worked at Kesko for over 25 years.
  • Two of the seven members of Kesko‚Äôs Board of Directors were women
  • Two of the nine members of the Group Management Board were women
  • In the subsidiaries engaged in retailing in Finland, the proportion of women in supervisory duties is high: 83% of the department managers in K-citymarket hypermarkets are women
  • At the end of 2015, 51% of all supervisors in Finland (54% in 2014) were women and 49% (46% in 2014) were men

Read more in Kesko's Annual Report.

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