Career opportunities

“I’ve always thought that Kesko is an endless provider of opportunities. For those who come here, the choice of career paths is wide. And, to a very large extent, it depends on you where you end up. When starting as a summer employee, I didn’t perhaps imagine I would still be here”

Kesko and the retailer entrepreneurs in its chains − the K-Group − employ around 45,000 people in nine countries. Jobs vary from retail store duties to retailer entrepreneurship and supervisory and specialist jobs in various fields.

A job at a store provides a good basis for work in all K-Group jobs – therefore, for example, K-trainees and retailer trainees spend most of their time in retail stores.

Kesko aims to be the most attractive employer in the trading sector. Kesko employees and retailers regularly visit business colleges, polytechnics and universities, as well as recruitment fairs and other events to talk about career opportunities in the K-Group.

Welcome to explore our opportunities!


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