K trainee programme

The K-trainee programme is directed towards future top professionals interested in the trading sector. We want to provide opportunities to people with new insights and bold expertise.

The K-trainee programme is targeted to young people at the later stages of their studies, have just graduated or already have some work experience after having graduated from an academic or vocational higher education institution. The trainee programme allows young people to participate in a diverse operating environment in Kesko's divisions, which are the grocery trade, the building and technical trade and the car trade.

The participants of the K-trainee programme are supported by a large number of trading sector experts. By actively sharing their own expertise and going all in, a trainee has an excellent opportunity to learn about the trading sector and network within the K-Group and with our stakeholders. The programme provides participants with good abilities to progress in trading sector jobs all the way to management positions and an international career.

The K-Group is an entity where stores are taken care of by K-retailers, who are independent entrepreneurs, and Kesko. We join forces for the benefit of our customers in eight countries in the Nordic Countries, the Baltic Countries, Russia and Belarus. For shopping to be fun.

Anni Ronkainen and the digital trainees.

Digital trainees started in the K-Group

Five new and enthusiastic K Digital Trainees with strong expertise started in the K Digital Trainee Programme in the K-Group. They will work on a diverse range of digital projects in different functions during six months. The trainee programme provides us with new insights and bold expertise from digitally-oriented young people.

During the kick-off session for the K Digital Trainee Programme, the participants learnt about the programme's content and objectives and familiarised themselves with the advisors, the digital projects and their objectives. The trainees were impressed by the diversity of the programme and the projects, as well as by all the things that are currently taking place within the K-Group.

The trainees' work and competence development is guided by Kesko's digital directors and mentors have been nominated to support personal development. The digital direction of the trainees is assured by the advisors and the Chief Digital Officer Anni Ronkainen.

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Our K-trainee programme in a nutshell

The Digital Trainee Programme

Our new K-trainee programme is an unprecedented chance for new digital experts. The programme was initiated in the spring of 2016 and lasts for six months. During the programme, the five K Digital Trainees selected will gain knowledge of Kesko's diverse digital functions and digital projects in various divisions, seeking ideas and mindsets from outside the K-Group, networking and bringing us new things to think about. The trainees' work and competence development is guided by Kesko's digital directors and mentors have been nominated to support personal development. The digital direction of the trainees is assured by the advisors and by Anni Ronkainen. The trainees' journey can be followed on the K-Group's social media channels.

The K Digital Trainee Programme is part of the Finland's Mentors project, which is a tool for Kesko to take responsibility for employing recent graduates. The employment programme is an example of concrete actions that the private sector and startups can do to get Finland back on track for growth.

The Retailer Trainee Programme

The Retailer Trainee Programme has been implemented five times and the fifth team of trainees completed the programme in June 2015. Extensive work at the retailer interface in stores of our various chains creates a good foundation for working in all positions in the K-Group. The length of the programme is tailored based on the background of each person selected. Currently, there is no decision on when a new Retailer Trainee Programme will start.

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Develop with us

The K-Group is an excellent place to grow with possibilities to create a varied career. Jobs range from jobs at a store to retailer entrepreneurship as well as expert positions in various fields and supervisory positions. We are a Finnish company in the international market and the K-Group employs a total of 45,000 people in nine countries. Kesko Group has 20,000 employees, of whom 10,000 work in Finland and 10,000 in other countries. International growth provides possibilities for job rotation between countries and divisions.

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