K-trainee programme

The fifth K-trainee programme kicked off in 2014

Kesko's fifth K-trainee programme kicked off with a two-day coaching session in June 2014.

Road to the top starts here 

The participants are trained to become effective trading sector professionals with competencies and attitudes that will allow them to progress towards management positions in Finland and abroad. The K-trainee programme seeks participants for all Kesko divisions, i.e. Kesko Food, Rautakesko, KCM-Anttila and VV-Auto.

The length of the K-trainee 2014 programme is tailored taking account of the selected person’s background. The programme has been modified to allow more flexibility. In addition to recent graduates,  people in the final stages of studies and those already employed and interested in the trading sector are also eligible for the programme. 

On these pages, you can find out more about the K-trainee programme.

Programme structure

    • Retail training (80% of the programme)
      • Working in different roles at a retail store
    • Joint training sessions (10%)
      • Leadership training with case studies (K-instituutti)
      • E-learning environment
    • Chain and company specific training sessions (10%)
      • Job rotation and getting to know other functions
      • Division and chain specific training sessions (for example, product training, commerce training etc.)

K-trainees have a varied programme 

The programme is intended for future top professionals in the final stages of studies, recent graduates and young people with a university or polytechnic degree with some work experience and an interest in the trading sector. Kesko or K-Group employees are also eligible for the programme.

The length of the K-trainee 2014 programme has been tailored taking account of the selected person’s background. An essential part of the K-trainee programme is performing different duties at a retail store, the purpose of which is to provide the participants with practical retailing skills in realistic working environments. In addition, the programme includes a joint leadership training section with case studies at the K-Group’s own training centre K-instituutti, plus advanced division and chain specific training sessions.

A personal development plan is drawn up for each participant. Working at a retail store is a significant part of the trainee programme. The programme gives the selected participants good capabilities to progress toward leading trading sector positions and international careers.

Trained to become retail professionals

During the programme, the selected participant’s job title is ‘K-trainee’. The K-trainee period is followed by the duties of, for example, a department manager at a K-citymarket hypermarket or an Anttila department store, a project assignment in a Kesko chain unit, or some other responsibilities at a store or in background functions.

In the food trade division, a K-trainee can also be given a responsible position in the growing and developing business operations in our Russian companies.

At a later stage, a K-trainee can move on to other positions, depending on the skills he or she demonstrates and suitable jobs becoming available. The programme provides the participants with good capabilities to develop into trading sector experts and thereby transfer to new positions in the K-Group. The important things are a genuine willingness and patience to develop towards top retailing expertise.

Develop yourself with us

The K-Group is an excellent place to grow and build a varied career. The K-Group, in other words, Kesko and K-stores, employ a total of around 50,000 people. The Kesko Group has a total personnel of 20,000 of whom 10,000 work in Finland and 10,000 outside Finland.

The nearly 700 job titles of the K-Group include job descriptions ranging from basic store duties to retailer entrepreneurship and different specialist, supervisory and management positions in different product lines. The K-Group’s scope and diversified in-house training options provide good possibilities to develop in one’s job and progress in one’s career.